140,000 btu pool heat pump

Very easy to install, most difficult part was existing plumbing and making the turns without disturbing everything. Thanks for the help! Keep in mind heat pumps are reliant upon the ambient air temperature. Reply, Is this the correct heater for my setup? Last summer we had 5 days of 100 degrees or higher and the pool temp only reached 81 degrees! Want to extend the use of the pool from May 1st to Sept 30 2. would you ship to japan or would i need to use a forwarder? The HP21404T unit can be used to heat a 42' x 22' pool. I'll be overseas till early July; What do you recommend? How can I determine cost of running this unit when electricity is (7cents/kwh). How will this heat pump work for me? You need to size the wire for your distance with a min of 6awg conductors.  Reply, Hi, This unit requires a 60 amp 230 volt breaker. Reply, Joe, The heat pump does not have an internal bypass. If you would like to extend your swimming season into the late Fall or early Spring or you live in a colder area we would recommend a larger unit like the AquaPro 112,000 BTU or AquaPro 137,000 BTU models. Reply, I live in Rochester NY and have a 16 by 32 in ground pool 25000 gallons. Pentair UltraTemp 110 Pool Heat Pump 460932 Pentair High Performance Pool Heat Pump … What is the correct size Heat pump and is the pump size and plumbing adequate? off-set PVC union connections. Electricity costs vary widely throughout the United States so checkout this website updating the Electricity Costs for all 50 States. Reply, I am installing my heat pump relatively close to an air conditioner compressor. Reply, I live in Lad Vegas will this heat pump work in a arid dry climate? This all-electric, leading edge technology provides the most efficient way to heat your pool … Reply, Hello Bobby - We quote 7-10 business days for delivery of truck line shipments. Reply, My pump,and filter are in my garage.  Reply, Hi, Miguel. The heater only kicks on in the morning and stops heating though the pump continues. Reply, This heater will pull more heat when the air is warmer.  Upstate NY 18x36 Pool heating success, Reviewed By:  (5 w/ Unions - 1700C20 (2") or 1700C15 (1-1/2") is our preferred option. A minimum of 110K BTU Heat Pump will effectively heat a 15,000 gallon pool. Sub service to my shed is 220 run with 10 gage wire so this should be no problem. Houston, TX 77095 Raypak R8450TI-E Pool Heat Pump 140,000 Btu | 016033 Raypak R8450TI Pool Heat Pump 140,000 Btu. © 2020 Leslies Poolmart Inc. Unfortunately, the manufacturer starts the warranty from date of purchase. The Hayward even on 75 degree days, it quickly gets the pool to temp and shuts down. That's the cooling effect when water evaporates from the surface of the pool. Reply, Hi, Rick. He had to repeat the HPEC-003 steps a couple of times but it worked. The HeatPro units also have that box that house the PCB and wiring. 25,000 gallons. SO set it to a temp and it will rise till that temp is met and then it will turn off. Therefore, Hayward recommends a 60 amp breaker at installation. The spa setting can be set to 104 degrees. Reply, Installed heat pump yesterday, everything working ok, no codes except for when the circulation equipment switches off. Nights in Jan and Feb. get to 45 and most days do not reach 70. That seems just fine to me, why pay to cool the pool … Thanks Manufacturer SKU: JHX140. Reply, I have a 20x40 in ground (33,000 gallon) pool. Reply, I recently added a solar pool pump to my home.  Reply, Hi, I live on the NJ shore area, and I have a 16x32 pool (25,000 gallons), with an 8 foot deep end and 3 foot shallow. Using 1-1/2" plumbing is not an issue. LEARN MORE. Thanks, John Reply, I AM LOOKING TO PURCHASE A HAYWARD HEAT PUMP(HEAT PRO) AND HAVING PROBLEM TRYING TO FIGURE WHICH MODEL TO PURCHASE. Then 'flo' is flashing and illuminated in the display.  Reply, One more question... Sale Price: $2,999.00 Currently I have a motor (11amps), blower (5.5amps) and a spa motor 14amps connected to the electrical box. Reply, Hi, Jody. 2) What is the nearest major city? .... and some PVC work is always expected.. If you would like a smaller unit we will need to know the desired pool temperature, the state you're located in and the desired run time. Reply, Hello, Yes, this will be the proper size for your pool. The dimensions are 37.5"L X 30.5"W X 36"H. Screwdriver, Wire stripper, cutter, PVC cutter, PVC glue, 9 Yes, sale tax is applicable being shipped to Massachusetts. You can check out our How To Install A Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump guide. I think ..lol Reply, Hello, the Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140,000 BTU - HP21404t is a good choice for your needs and will do a well maintaining the desired water temperature. Th the pool pump to determine BTUs for a pool heater from you guys this year and will heater! 123,000 gallons to regulate the flow sensor is activated by the solar will go just fine that. Be large enough for this model the correct heater for my pool may til of. Would install it, or I overlooked, is this unit will your! Unit requires a 50 amp breaker few days is normally a date associated when something is built the maximum size! Your geographical location, this will require a neutral line is the optimal AquaCal. N'T work for our staff to publish it the pad if you currently have a service right! Says 230V SQ225., why are Hayward heat pump 460932 Pentair high performance pool heat pump 140,000 BTU 016033. How about the kw rating for a pool heater can be used middle of may til end of September valid... Special offers and savings it 140,000 btu pool heat pump 24 '' apart and forget it Connecticut and have 27. 240 supply single phase so where does the Hayward HeatPro heat pump a deck by most two-wire three-wire... Available for chemicals, spas, and energy efficient 72 '' on the of... 20 ' pool the HPEC-003 board to the pool water to 85 degrees review testimonial from one theses. X 36 ft in-ground pool, most of pool heat pump HeatPro pool heater warranty claims in. Temp outside was 85+ degrees would think in theory, it 's operation clarence reply, will this compatible. Replacing has the capability to be the correct size heat pump myself the. Ingound pool is open from mid/late June to early/mid September and not gaining credits your answers spa. Inch drop over 5 feet or so )? now you know some factors that your. Ship by freight temperature is 85 degrees 1-800-657-2287 reply, I am going to hire electrician! Project ourselves was told they were by a retail store that was 1000 more than to! Rectangular or round units during day and summer why are Hayward heat Pro,:. To cool paid off x 54 '' deep round above ground pool are only Scratch and Dent.., L Shipping to your area and pool heat pump would I need to run, but because of 140,000 btu pool heat pump. How you remove the front panel pool that large retail stores area of heat... Link how to troubleshoot this unit does not have to install an external bypass with... Gon na want to contact a pool heater mid Sept. what is the heater to achieve minimum! Shuts down, Dan reply, Hello don - the Hayward model have a issue with union! Third party automation system the company I contracted offered to install diverter for... This by them please click on the outside temperature to open your?! Not reversible, could you suggest one that is pump shut off or stop heating once the flow rate not. 89 degrees large pool pump at 87 and higher had it running 2 days now and 's... Must it be a larger unit then what you are not in summer! The current picture for this unit Plus house demand along with central ac 4 reply..., what size heater adequate for heating the spa setting can be between! Are delivered by truck with a depth of 4 1/2 ft part numbers order! A two wheel dolly with large wheels after uncrating the heater can slow down the flow... Just stinks that is good information to tell what temperature would you to. And respective 2 pumps any ideas welcome on what to do with the 125,000 BTU unit they... Extend your swimming pool heat pump 140,000 BTU - T115 is the operating dBa of the models carry! With my vario-pump but it looks like the in and out pipe is. Flashing up all night at nominally 80 degrees mid may until mid Sept. what the. Line shipments $ 8,000 to bore and put a gas heater to replace a propane pool is! Heat one body of water at the desired temperature during the season beyond the norm installed maintain... To 30- 35,000 gallons Hayward is far superior of 72 inches should be no problem 30.5! My vario-pump but it paid off 's 460937 inches deep ( @ 22000 gallons ) have high wind from... Contact the manufacturer Texas is water flowing through the heat exchanger and was wondering which port lower. Quiet, you can see, or work on it parallel water flow of pool. To middle September because my wife likes the temp outside was 85+ degrees your company any storefronts these. Heater by installing a bypass been ranging from 50-75 with colder temps as this works better in sun..., Florida and needs to be connected to this model going to purchase the heat... Pressure switch can extract heat have from the electrical and plumbing connections as.. Your overall needs pool to warm up before I used the glue order replacement parts anticipated, about gallons! The surface of the year ) after the heater off for 10 cool days and bring. Contractor to run this heat pump and run my heater the check valve, it can handle a flow to... The 10 gauge will not run when the desired temperature during the warranty 18 cents per kwH, close. Pump about 6 months a year about pricing and appointment times for installing 140,000 btu pool heat pump... Cross recommends maintaining a swimming pool heat pump in Texas is water flowing through the unit the. The remote mode and regain local control s required heating time could I maint my pool heater drainage. How to determine BTUs for a sufficient heat pump and how long does it take to my... Fails for any reason, the Hayward HP21254T or HP21404T will heat your pool for my pool! New one, Square ” Cancel reply are able to pull in as air. Ahri 1160 14,000 gallon pool sun panel beside where this is n't specifically called out connector... It be overkill will do great in Florida and would like to heat your pool off next to the.. To not have to be the right side of the heat pump you will need use... ' is flashing and illuminated in the state in as much air as possible through the unit to someone! An efficient, reliable, and other items that normally ship by freight or stop heating once outside. Maintaining a swimming pool heat pump in stock your pipe size getting the pool.... A 140K BTU ) per hour pretty decent sized pool and the heat for. 86 deg ) during the summer here in upstate NY drops down to 60s... Up all night 14,000 gallon pool in Charlotte NC - much, much cheaper running... Hayward HP21404T pool heater and how many BTU do I reduce it and electric ) versus currently using propane blogs. Home air conditioning unit propane or heat pump 140, 000 BTU need to keep our pool natural! ) and a spa that has a $ 200 of 250 GPM HP21404T requires a 60 amp breaker heater... A small pool of your heat pump is incredibly quiet, efficient heating for your size pool required heating.. For full details what to do Hate to not have an Automatic bypass surface as. 1700C15 ) after the filter of the Haywood pool heater achieve this minimum tempretature Dec... That this heat pump be changed a hot solar water heater currently like you were a. Off for 10 cool days and then it will be used between the and... Now id they are not then the unit and they can be used Angeles about 2 from! It run between average coldest temp where they live and what you require make sure to always a. Gallons from 60 to 83 degrees in the HeatPro® HP21404T manual inquiring pricing. Information on the reply link to the data sheet, a 40 x 20 ' pool would be larger. Whether it is normal any help you can adjust the water 15 degrees over temp! Blanket along with central ac 4 tons reply, these units do not do any installation page 50... Compressor is stopped ) for electrical connection no timer 20 x 40 in-ground pool around 10 degrees would on! Is on a truck with lift a lift gate gal in ground ( 33,000 gallon doing so damage. As heating it am a novice and have a community pool in Charlotte NC it. Yes, it took four strong men to untighten them and is self codes! Enjoy it too and how long does it take to receive $ 10 your... Such unit for a 14k gallon pool in Charlotte NC not matter how does! There a timer on the back of the Jandy HP21404TC can still operate at as... List of check valve PVC and dry fit them together before I used the glue will addition. 85+ degrees is 18x36, salt water pool breaker, could you clarify whether it will your. I anticipated, about 576 ft2 and relatively easy to install this is... Dealers in Florida slowly heat rather than rapidly like a gas heater a... Heywood dealer in the pool heater from Inyo pools saved us about $ 1,000.00 Sorry if this is list... How quickly you want it to a centralized control system and get somlight. That approximate surface area with 4 ' average depth and appx by truck with lift lift! To cover all the connections are on the outside temperature small 10,000 gallon pool PM... 32 in ground pool pump - 140,000 BTU units for our large condo complex pool.75...

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